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Welcome to A1X Solutions

A1X Solutions, now A1X Smart Solutions is a tech company founded in 2015, which excels in Web Development, Digital Media, Smart solutions and other tech components that will increase efficiency, and add value to your business. Our focus is to provide web development services, Digital Media content and most recently, providing Smart Solutions and devices for homes and businesses. 



Website: Guyana Traffic Information System

Our Services

Web Design

Featured: Simply Ma’am

Simply Ma’aM™ is a specialty brand rooted in a desire to transcend fashion. To build confidence and provide a vehicle for expression that is meaningful and true to the individual style of “BohoAfriq” (African and Bohemian Way of Life.


Graphic Design Projects

Featured Design: TeamStoby Menu

TeamStoby Smoothie and Protein bar provides the finest smoothies and protein shakes made to order. Customers can custom order their smoothies and other blends to their liking or choose from our standardize list!

Web Application

Featured: Smart Class

Smart Class is aimed at providing content for students from Pre-School to Sixth Form in Guyana. The app also integrates Khanacademy and Rachel Offline Content. The Meteor Platform along with PHP was used to develop this Project.


Our clients

View some of the Companies We have done work for over the years!